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Its all about the Water





I was corrupted toward craft beer while visiting my daughter and her husband in Colorado where I first met Fat Tire.   When it showed up in the grocery store at home a little later my days of buying “traditional” American beer were numbered.  I then began exploring the local breweries in the western Carolinas.


A year or so later I was sitting beside the fire at my buddy Garner’s camp site, during the Highland Games at Grandfather Mountain, sipping some of his home brew, and the conversation naturally turned to the process of making beer.  My thoughts as I left were “I could do that.”   I came home, ordered a kit to make a scottish ale,  and I was hooked.  My brother-in-law had another kit that he had never opened (which he gave me), and soon I was making multiple batches on brew days.  Within 6 months I was using extracts  and partial mash brewing to create my own recipes, and then quickly moved on to all grain brewing.    One of my first recipe’s, submitted to the GMHG informal home brewing contest, won second place and became rather popular (it is still my flagship Wee Heavy) and the journey towards my own brewery had begun.


One of the things that has made my ales so successful is the quality of the main ingredient, the water.  We in the western carolinas are blessed with an abundant supply of some of the best water in the country (that might be a reason for the proliferation of breweries here).  The water from my well on Winding Creek Lane is some of the best tasting water I’ve ever had,  and it translated well into home brewing success.   When it came time to think of a name for the brewery it felt natural to choose the birthplace and nursery of my brewing addiction.  Hence, it  is “Winding Creek” in honor of that well, its water, and the creek that flows just below my property.