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Heather Hearth


Our flagship beer

A well balanced Scottish ale, of the Wee Heavy style.

This is the first beer I created on my own and was so well received when I started brewing it that it awoke in me the dream of opening a brewery.   We do 2 versions of this beer, a table version at about 5.5% ABV and the Wee Heavy at 7% ABV.   Both are very drinkable and refreshing beers. (37 IBU)


Sexie Sadie


An American Pale Ale.

Brewed to celebrate the birth of my first grandchild, Sadie is a traditional, unfiltered, American pale ale with just enough of a hop profile to make it interesting.   From customer comments at the release we expect great things from Sadie.  (5.5 APV,  53.5 IBU)


Strange Brew


It’s not yet sure if it’s a coffee porter or a black coffee IPA. It is brewed with cold brewed coffee and an interesting hop profile designed to give a subtle presence as you drink it with the coffee flavors becoming prominent at the end.  While this is still a work in progress it is very close to what I met when it was first brewed and it has become very popular in our tap room. The quest continues to discover the Strange Brew’s true nature. (6% ABV,  61.7 IBU)


Animal Pancakes


Memories of summer mornings in Winter Park, Florida.  

My Wee Scottish Grandmother would send us out to the orange grove to gather oranges for squeezing into juice and we would be greeted coming back into the kitchen with the fragrance and sight of fresh pancakes shaped like elephants, giraffes, horses, alligators and the like, with our choice of Karo syrup or warm maple syrup to pour over them.  I always preferred the maple syrup.  This Scottish ale with its maple syrup finish is honor of Grandma Edith and those memories.  Watch out, like her, it’s a potent brew (8% ABV, 30 IBU)


Columbus Barefoot Honey PAle


One of our first regular customers was a bee keeper who would often show up barefoot with a variety of fabulous honey,  We quickly put the honey to use in our kitchen, dubbed him the Barefoot Bee Keeper and began discussions on how to put his honey to use in our beer.   We decided to take a single hop Pale ale recipe from a brewer’s club challenge and enhance it with his honey.  The result was a very nice interplay of just enough bitterness with a hint of honey fragrance and flavor.   A nice dry, very drinkable, beer.  (6% ABV, 55 IBU)


No Eye Deer


What do you call a blind deer?  That and the series of jokes that follow have always appealed to the Potter clan (we’ve always been a punny group).   When it came to naming our new Stout the name just suggested itself.   It won’t make you blind, but is potent enough that you need to take care with the drinking of it.  It is a very tasty blend of chocolate and other roasted malts with a complex hop presence we think you will find to be enjoyable.   It’s a little light in Alcohol for an Imperial Stout but is getting there.  (8% ABV, 48 IBU)


Lucky 13


 What do you do when you have 15 gallons of wort coming to a boil to make your favorite beer and you realize that you only have about half of the main hop addition available to add?  You scramble to see what you have to substitute and hope that the result is enjoyable.  That is where I found myself about 4 years ago.   The resulting 13 gallons of beer that I bottled and kegged were very enjoyable and  became my daughter, Mary’s favorite beer that I make.   It is a nice drinkable Scottish (amber) ale with a very nice hop profile (5.78 %, 35 IBU)


Navy Squid IPA


Named for, and by, a very good friend of the Creek who has helped us out both financially and in promoting the brewery.  In appreciation we offered to do a beer that he has helped to design.  A Double IPA with strong citrus flavors and aromas.  At 7-8 % ABV,  around 80 IBU it is both a refreshing and tasty addition and is becoming one of our most popular beers.


Horse Creek IPA


Named for one the many waterfalls and creeks that contribute to Columbus’s wonderful water supply.  A session  copming in at 5-5.5% ABV, 60-79 IBUs.  We decided to let out customers decide on the finish and offered 2 versions, thinking we would let our customers decide which the preferred.  Of course, about half liked each version so both remain:  Horse Creek Galay (finished with Galaxy hops for a nice, mild IPA with tropical fruit hints and nose) and Horse Creek Centennial, finished with Centennial hops for a bolder more traditional IPA taste with piney, grapefruit like hints).


Belgian Wedding

Released for our first anniversary 4/14/2017


When my daughter asked me to provide the beer for her wedding I had the standard Scottish ale, and ambers I had been making, but I wanted something new and different so I decided to try my hand at a Belgian strong ale, a Tripel.    The result was definitely a keeper.  (8.5% ABV, 23.4 IBU)


Highland Breakfast


While my Grandmother Edith enjoyed making the pancake animals dance on the griddle for her grandchildren, her breakfast of choice was “pourage”.  Gramps and Auntie Mary (the oldest of that Rankin generation) would usually join her.  That actually meant Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat, depending on their mood that morning.  There was always some available if we wanted to fore-go the pancakes.  So to honor those two wee, transplanted, highland ladies and the man, whose workshop was our base of operations when visiting, I created Highland Breakfast.  At its base it’s a Scottish ale, but with a bit of oatmeal added to lend some body and a bit of home.


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